Market Hours

The Downtown Twin Falls Farmers Market will run every Saturday, June 1st through October 5th with opening time at 9 AM and closing at 1 PM.


Setup @ 7 AM

All vendors have from 7 AM TO 9 AM to setup their booth spaces. ALL VEHICLES MUST BE REMOVED FROM AREA BY 8:30 AM. Vendors wishing to load in during or after 8:30 must cart booth items in. NO VEHICLES IN THE AREA AFTER 8:30 AM TO 1 PM. Please be conscientious of other vendors during setup. NO SHOPPERS ALLOWED INTO AREA UNTIL 9 AM.


Tear Down @ 1 PM

Safety of vendors and shoppers is our #1 priority, therefore all vendors have from 1 PM TO 2:30 PM to tear down their booth spaces. VEHICLES ARE ONLY ALLOWED IN AREA AFTER 1:15 PM AND ALL SHOPPERS MUST BE CLEAR OF AREA. Please be careful and conscientious of other vendors during tear down of booth spaces, be quick and safe with tear down.


Vendor Selection

All vendors must grow, craft, or process what they sell (unless otherwise approved by Market Board). All produce and foods in the market must be grown, prepared, or processed within the State of Idaho (unless otherwise approved by Market Board). Resellers are not allowed in the Market unless otherwise approved by Market Board. All items will be judged on quality, value and contribution to the market. Vendors must be present each week they commit to. All items offered for sale at the Twin Falls Downtown Farmers Market shall be subject to inspection and approval by the the Market Board.


Stall Assignments & Priority

Stalls & spaces will be assigned to vendors based on the following priority ranking:

  1. Commitment & Frequency of Attendance (how often vendor is at the market)

  2. Farmers & Producers of Local Raw Products (e.g. local produce, meats, dairy, etc.)

  3. Food Processors & Preparers (e.g. baked, cooked, prepared, preserved goods)

  4. Handmade/Homemade Crafts & Goods (e.g. body products, furniture, etc.)

  5. Nonprofits and all other potential vendors approved by market board

As to benefit the whole of the market experience for both vendors and shoppers, the Twin Falls Downtown Farmers Market is intentionally prioritizing local farmers and local food products in an effort to keep the integrity of calling it a “farmers market”, and knowing that food product has the greatest potential of bringing recurring customers to the market.

Stalls and booth spaces will be approximately 10’ x 10’. If the vendor exceeds past the 10’ x 10’ area, they will be charged accordingly, or required to meet the space requirements. Permanent marking or painting on the asphalt is prohibited. All regular trash must be put inside the designated trash dumpster. No dumping of chemicals, hay/straw, ashes, grease or foreign items is allowed on the property. ALL TENTS AND AWNINGS MUST BE SECURED WITH PROPER WEIGHTS TO PREVENT BLOWING AWAY AND CAUSING DAMAGE.


Fees & Payment

a $25 Application Fee is required for any individual Vendor. For 2019 Vendor Costs, please contact us at


Clean Up

Each vendor is responsible for leaving their area clean. NO EXCEPTIONS. Twin Falls Downtown Farmers Market is not responsible for items left on the premises. Please make this a great event and experience for our city and downtown, leave the vendor space you occupied as clean (if not cleaner) than when you set-up in the morning.


Signage & Printed Material

All vendors must have clear, accurately marked signage for their business or booth.

Vendors are allowed to display in their booths materials that pertain to their products. Other than the Vendor materials, no petitions, or other printed material, political or otherwise, will be distributed or displayed at the Twin Falls Downtown Farmers Market, without prior approval by the Market Board.


Pricing & Sales

Pricing of goods sold at the Market and any applicable taxes are the sole responsibility of the individual vendor.


Health Practices

All Vendors must adhere to sanitary procedures as outlined by the South Central Health Department in Southern Idaho. All food concessionaires, and food samplers are responsible for obtaining proper health and food handlers permits and registration needed to do business at the Twin Falls Downtown Farmers Market. Any Vendor found to be selling contaminated food or produce shall be suspended from selling operations until satisfactory clearance has been obtained from the South Central Health Department in Southern Idaho. For information on permits, registration and requirements please call (208) 737-5900.


Smoking Policy

No smoking or any kind of open flame will be permitted in or around the market area, unless otherwise authorized by the Market Manager.


Drug & Alcohol Possession Policy

The unlawful possession or use of illegal drugs and /or alcohol on the Market site will not be tolerated in any capacity.


Organic Labeling

Use of the phrase “organic”, in produce sales, shall be governed and regulated in accordance with Idaho State Department of Agriculture regulations. All Vendors are required to advertise truthfully and to respond to customer’s questions in a like manner.



Advertising of the Twin Falls Downtown Farmers Market will be the responsibility of both the market vendors and the Twin Falls Downtown Farmers Market Board & Organizers. We recommend using social media outlets, flyers, papers, business cards, among all other possible avenues.


All Vendors

All vendors are responsible for paying taxes & licenses needed to do business in the State of Idaho. All grievances need to be emailed to the Twin Falls Downtown Farmers Market at if necessary.